Why Artificial Grass/Turf Is an Immensely Useful Thing to Have in the UAE

Do you live in the challenging climate of the UAE? Do you find it difficult to keep your villa green and clean? Does you water bill cost you too much because you water your natural grass? Do you want to have a green natural-looking space without all the difficulties of natural grass maintenance?

ZK Artificial Grass is the answer. ZK Artificial Grass provides high quality artificial grass with environmentally friendly materials that are also UV protected from the sun’s rays.

Why ZK Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass/artificial turf will will do away with many problems that people living in the Gulf (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman…) face when they try to increase greenery in their environments. These challenges include the need to use a lot of water, which can be expensive, the need to constantly maintain grass if you opt for natural grass, weeds growing in your lawn, a big growth in bugs and insects, etc.

Benefits of Artificial Grass:

  • Save Water & the Environment
  • Save on Water Utility Bills
  • Save on Maintenance Costs
  • Avoid Any Growth of Bugs and Insect Colonies
  • Extremely Easy Cleaning With a Hose
  • No Harmful Fertilizer of Pesticide Chemicals Needed!

A Note of Health

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) toxic pesticides and fertilizers chemicals rampant in the society are extremely harmful to the human body and mind. When using typical natural grass in the UAE, one is bound to end up using some of these fertilizers and chemical pesticides in order for the natural grass to grow well in the UAE’s challenging environment. On the other hand, using artificial grass/artificial turf from ZK Artificial Grass Dubai completely eliminates any need for such chemicals. You will end up with better greenery without chemicals, maintenance, bugs, and it will all end up costing lesser in the end.

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