ZK Artificial Grass – The Perfect Grass

ZK Artificial Grass has been supplying quality artificial grass in the GCC region for the last 12 years. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ZK is known for its quality grass all over the country. Apart from its quality, you can recognize ZK Artificial Grass by its unique environmentally friendly backing and strong backing. ZK Grass is also UV-Protected so it will last longer even if the sun shines bright!

ZK Artificial Grass is strong and stays upright, giving you a rich feeling.

ZK Artificial Grass Benefits

Artificial grass/artificial turf will will do away with many problems that people living in the Gulf (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman…) face when they try to increase greenery in their environments. These challenges include the need to use a lot of water, which can be expensive, the need to constantly maintain grass if you opt for natural grass, weeds growing in your lawn, a big growth in bugs and insects, etc.
Benefits of Artificial Grass:

  • Benefits of Artificial Grass:
  • Save Water & the Environment
  • Save on Water Utility Bills
  • Save on Maintenance Costs
  • Avoid Any Growth of Bugs and Insect Colonies
  • Extremely Easy Cleaning With a Hose
  • No Harmful Fertilizer of Pesticide Chemicals Needed!

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ZK Artificial Grass Manufacturing & Quality

Our is manufactured in strict quality-controlled conditions. Many artificial grass providers in the Gulf region will provide you with grass that is made of substandard materials and will claim to have the same pile height as our grass.
ZK Artificial Grass, on the other hand, is manufactured with the highest quality of yarn that does not break and is resistant to Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. The yarn used in our artificial grass does not sleep like they do in other grass. ZK Artificial Grass stays upright and you will be happy with it for years because of its high quality, UV protection, water protection and no color degradation.

In addition to yarn, ZK uses the best industry standard backing for our grass. Other providers go for the cheaper route and cut corners in backing quality when they provides artificial grass in the UAE. On the other hand, ZK provides grass that is manufactured with the best industry standard in backing too. Our backing is a combination of high quality SBR latex and heavy NET backing, which many of our competitors do not use. ZK Grass will serve you best even through the harsh summers of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and other hot regions.

ZK provides artificial grass in large wholesale quantities mainly in the UAE and we are known for our consistency. This is the best quality of ZK for our artificial grass customers in the UAE. While other providers in the Dubai, UAE provide substandard and inconsistent supplies, you can always rely on the quality, color, and weight consistency of ZK Artificial Grass according to its catalogs throughout the year. All our grass will retain its color in the same way and will resist UV rays the same way. Absolutely NO ups and downs in quality!

Protective Packing

Our products are packed with the best standards applied for protection and for tamper-proofing to make sure you get the original ZK Artficial Grass.

New Granules

All ZK Grass is made of NEW granules, which ensure higher quality than used granules used by many other grass providers.

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Environmentally Friendly Backing

ZK Artificial Grass has the strongest NET + LATEX backing that comes in its UNIQUE COLORED backing that is perforated for better water flow away from the grass mat.

ZK Artificial Grass Availability

ZK Artificial Grass supplies Artificial Grass and other products throughout the Arabian Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman… ZK, based in Dubai, is a trusted brand in Artificial Grass, Grass Fencing, and Shade Net wholesale provision.

We have artificial grass with pile heights from 10mm up to 55mm available. In each size, we have two colors of artificial grass available, Full Green & Natural Green:

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Every grass height variety is available in Full Green and Natural Green variant.