Shade Cloth (Shade Net/Sunblock) for the Greatest Sun Protection

ZK Shade Cloth is made of high quality polyethylene material that is provides a durable and reliable Shade Cloth for your shade needs in Dubai.

ZK Shade Cloth Benefits:

  • UV rays and sunlight resistant for years!
  • Strong material provides worry-free weather resistance.
  • Wholesale main distributor pricing in all over the UAE with FREE DELIVERY.
  • Multiple varieties from 50% to 95% sunlight blocking available based on your needs.
  • Stitching on edges for great durability.
  • Available in 2 x 50 meters and 3 x 50 meters rolls.
  • Available in varying material densities in weights varying from 120 to 320 grams per m2.

Shade Cloth Can Be Used For:

  • Parking shade for your vehicle.
  • Protection from the typical Dubai sunlight and heat for your plants in a greenhouse.
  • Privacy for your property such as a villa or even privacy for a construction site.
  • Protect your children and family from UV rays and harsh sunlight in outdoor play areas and swimming pools, etc.

Block Title

Construction Sites

ZK Shade Cloth is a great solution for construction sites for providing privacy and maintaining cleanliness by preventing dust, etc.


ZK Shade Clothe/Shade Net can be used in greenhouses in the UAE for plantations.

Balcony Shade

Our Shade Cloth is available in different densities so you can get the exact amount of shade you want in your balconies or other living spaces.