Artificial Grass Fence – An Excellent Hedging Solution!

Grass Fence or Steel Grass Hedge is where outdoor fencing trend is heading to. ZK Artificial Grass, with immense experience in artificial grass products, provides you high quality fencing products at wholesale prices.

Artificial Grass Fence Uses

Artificial Grass Fence or Grass Fence Panel has many uses:

  • Privacy
  • Border Making Between Properties/Homes
  • Making Shade in a Space
  • Transforming Your Space Into a Natural Looking Environment
  • 98% light blocking. Can be used for providing shade.


Create a Natural-Looking Space

ZK Grass Hedges can be used to transform a boring space into a green and lush environment that you will enjoy!

Gain Privacy in Your Space

ZK Grass Fence is made of galvanized steel and will give you durable and reliable privacy, enabling you to use your space more comfortably.

Beautify Your Space & Create Shade

ZK Artificial Grass Fence is extremely easy to install and lets you attach many decorative items to the steel fencing.

Enhance Your Home Decoration

ZK Grass Fencing provides you with an easy solution to turn the outdoor space in your home into a beautiful naturalesque space.

Add Privacy to See-through Walls

You can easily transform see-through walls into privacy walls with ZK Artificial Grass Fence Hedges.

Greenify Your Home Exterior

With our steel fence hedges you can completely transform the exterior of your house and make it the best looking house on the street!

UV Protected Quality – Made in Turkey

The United Arab Emirates receives harsh sunlight in the summer and this can degrade material quickly. ZK Artificial Grass has produced special artificial grass fence panels in Turkey which have UV protected coating to ensure that your fencing stays tight and intact for years!



Made of Fireproof material to keep you and your family safe.

UV Protected

ZK Artificial Grass Hedges are UV protected for longer life and do not fade or disintegrate easily due to sunlight.

Galvanized Steel Core

Our Hedges are made of strong Galvanized steel core, stay strong and sturdy for years.

Wholesale Pricing

Unlike many third-party sellers, ZK Artificial Grass distributes in Artificial Grass Fencing in bulk and we are able to provide you with the best wholesale prices you will find in the Dubai, or the UAE.

Fire-proof Material

ZK Artificial Grass Fencing is made of high quality fireproof yarn produced in Turkey. Since hot weather in the Arabian Gulf over the summer can increase the risk of fires, ZK Artificial Grass Fencing is a great choice for you due to its fire safety. This is because you will not have to worry about any fire hazard from our artificial grass fencing used in your property! ZK Artficial Grass Fencing is NOT flammable.